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This Refund Policy (“Policy”) is provided by Sonik Mobility, a division of Azhar Engineering, to the customers of Sonik Mobility (“Customer”) using the Sonik Mobility mobile application (“Sonik Mobility App”). This Policy should be read in conjunction with the Terms and Conditions for the Sonik Mobility App (“Terms and Conditions”). By using the Sonik Mobility App, you agree to the terms outlined in this Policy. This Policy may be revised at the sole discretion of Sonik Mobility.


  • “Charging Session” refers to the duration between the start and stop of charging an electric vehicle at the Charging Stations.
  • “Charging Stations” are electric vehicle charging units available for charging your electric vehicle.
  • “E-Wallet” is a pre-paid account used for storing money and conducting online transactions within the Sonik Mobility App.
  • “Payment Facilitator” refers to the third-party payment processor/facilitator, and any other facilitator chosen by Sonik Mobility.
  • “Promotional Credits” include referral bonuses, cash-back offers, or other forms of credits provided by Sonik Mobility to the Customer.
  • “Services” encompass the facilitation of electric vehicle charging services by Sonik Mobility through the Sonik Mobility App, along with other services offered within the App.


  • If a Customer wishes to request a refund from their E-Wallet, they must send an email to, stating the valid reasons for the refund request. The approval and processing of the refund will be solely at Sonik Mobility’s discretion and will be completed within a reasonable timeframe. The refund amount will be adjusted by deducting 5% of the refund amount to cover transaction costs paid to the Payment Facilitator and the service costs of Sonik Mobility. It is important to note that refunds will only be made directly from the E-Wallet and will not be provided through any other means or methods. Sonik Mobility will not refund any Promotional Credits issued to the Customer during their usage of the Sonik Mobility App, and any unused Promotional Credits will be canceled.
  • If a technical error occurs during a Charging Session, resulting in an incorrect deduction from the Customer’s account, Sonik Mobility will assess the technical error and determine whether a refund to the E-Wallet is warranted, at its sole discretion.


In the event of any conflict between the provisions of this Policy and the Terms and Conditions, or conflicting provisions within the Terms and Conditions, the provisions of this Policy shall prevail to the extent of such conflict and shall be binding on both parties.

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