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What is Sonik Mobility ?

Sonic in literal terms means ‘Sound’, but sound as an adjective also means ‘something which is reliable and secure’. Therefore Sonik Mobility pertains to an infrastructure that is both reliable and secure

Sonik Mobility = Fast and reliable charging

Recent Accolades

Sonik Mobility won the Best Energy start up of the Year 2022, at the Star Startup awards organized by FICCI and The New Indian Express

Our Journey

Meet Our Founders

Sonik Mobility is founded by two friends who are graduates from The Pennsylvania State University, USA with just one goal in mind – to facilitate the adoption of EV in India even for the most remote cities. They believe, charging your EVs should be as convenient as refueling your ICE vehicles.

Sonik Mobility won the Best energy start up of the year which was affiliated with FICCI

Safa Azhar

Co- Founder & CEO

Safa is a B.S and M.S in Aerospace Engineering from Pennsylvania State University, USA. He is passionate about all things ‘Engineering’ and how all engineering fields connect to each other in one way or the other. Previously served as the Director of an export company Sidra Homestyles Pvt Ltd.
He believes in Gandhi Ji’s saying that be the change you wish to see in the world. Being an environmentalist, witnessing the rise of air pollution levels in India especially due to exhaust fumes etc, he decided to start Sonik Mobility to facilitate the switch from more polluting vehicles to more environmental friendly Electric vehicles in India.
Sonik Mobility's Co-Founder and CTO Prerak Gupta

Prerak Gupta

Co-Founder, CTO

Prerak is a B.S in Electrical Engineering from The Pennsylvania State University, USA. He has a passion for motorcycles or how he calls them speed machines. Currently working as an Application Engineer at Bender Inc, USA. He believes that EV’s are the future and India is shifting towards EV but lacks infrastructure. In fact being an EV owner himself in India, he has faced the same problem of range anxiety where finding a charger nearby is the biggest hassle of owning EV. Thus, he decided to start Sonik Mobility to tackle this problem and facilitate India’s EV expansion.
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